Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Story - annual pilgrimage

This weekend is the Romance Writers Conference, so I'm making my annual pilgrimage to have my well filled.

I'll be catching up with my CP who started in RWA with me, attended the first conference with me, and who I only ever see once a year - except she missed the conference last year, so it's 2 years worth of talking to do!

I'll be inspired by other writers - sometimes in sessions, sometimes just in a quiet chat, sometimes at dinner or over a drink, or even breakfast.

I'll network because the industry seems to thrive on networking.

As well as these good things, I'll be struggling with the noise of 300+ women.

I'll be exhausted from information overload, sensory overload, and food overload!

And I'll be nervous as hell as I'm delivering a workshop on Sunday! It shouldn't be nerve-wracking, it's only about my journey, but all the same - talking in front of people!

And I'll be missing Kate, Rhyll, and Lily. All of who read this blog and I know they're not going to be there. So a huge cyber-hug to you guys. One day I hope we'll all be there together. What a ruckus we could have!

And yep - have packed a few merkins ;)


  1. I had the weirdest weekend... I felt the whole weekend like I sometimes do if I'm ever away from the kids overnight. (Hasn't happened much!) I felt like a part of me was missing - knowing that I had these wonderful friends who were all in Sydney at Conference.
    I loved seeing the photos and I'm very proud of your Lyn Wilding nomination, and your good news on all bookish things. I was cheering from the sidelines, but next time I'd love to be in the bleachers...


    1. All the social media now makes it so 'in your face' so although you're missing conference, I wonder if you 're so caught up it makes it worse!

      After picking up this horrid germ, I'm thinking of not going next year but I don't know if I'm that tough.

      Cate xo