Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Story - inspiration

Lots of people are inspired by lots of different things for their stories. But my inspiration for Deep Diving played his 250th game of footy last night and there's a highlights reel here to celebrate that milestone. I thought you might want to see him from the start of his career to now :)

When I look at the gallery I can see why suddenly in 2012 I noticed him. There's a confidence about him  that wasn't there earlier. He has more of a presence, his legs are huger...but maybe I'm interpreting not just looking at the highlights!

Hopefully I'll pop in and tell you how his game went - but I'm setting this up early and I might forget! So here's my imaginary take on the game -

He had an absolute cracker. His kicking was pinpoint accuracy. He scored a couple of tries, one all on his own. He set up the ten other tries his team scored and they won convincingly. He won the man of the match award.

So how's that for a prediction! I'll probably be so very wrong.

Hope I remember to update this post :)


  1. Drat! I can't update post. So, the game was good but not as good as my try, no win, but a great game.

    Cate xo

  2. Aww. Never mind! Happy release day. (Officially like). I'm reading Deep Diving right now. :)