Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deep Diving Release Day

I think it's release day for Deep Diving! I'm not one hundred per cent sure because I'm a guinea pig trialling a new release process. So let's say it's today! Woohoo!

Things have changed between the release of The Virginity Mission and Deep Diving - and it's only 1 year! Some of these have been:
  • I've had net galley reviews ahead of release
  • I've had a 99c pre-order thing going for a few weeks
  • I've had lots of people retweeting and favouriting my meme things.
  • I'm part of a bigger group of writers (the Naughty Ninjas)
  • Escape have done some great promo things with e-book platforms and bloggers
  • My cover is not so naked, and therefore better received in the US
  • I've got more of an author platform and feel a bit more confident than last time.

So, I'm interested to see how these changes affect sales. I'm not sure if I'll know which had a lasting effect, or the biggest effect, but I'll know if overall there's an impact.

I think the 99c pre-order is huge. I buy lots of 99c pre-orders because it's a bargain, especially if I'm going to buy the book anyway, or if I'm tempted to give a new author a try. The Virginity Mission never dropped in price from $2.99. That's kind of my cut-off point for buying a book, and TVM was only 41K so just bigger than a novella. I think the 99c pre-order is a great strategy. But I wonder if it works. If it does, I should see DD's ranking launch at quite a high point tomorrow because all pre-order sales are counted on release day. So that's what I'll be checking - what's my Day 1 ranking look like. But I won't know if it's directly attributed to the price, the early reviews, the tweeting or the memes.

That's one of the difficult things about the industry. I don't know what helps sales - no one seems to. And we all stand and shove our books at each other and hope a few buy. I don't like that type of marketing.

So, before my next book release, I'm challenging myself to think of 2 new ways to market that doesn't involve shoving my book at other authors. Now that will be a challenge!

If you've bought DD at the bargain pre-order price, I thank you very much and I hope you enjoy Sam and Cooper's holiday as much as I did (and they did)!!

Cate xox


  1. I've got it! Last night I had an email from Amazon telling me Deep Diving was coming. I didn't read the email properly and I've deleted it now... but I thought it meant that it would be here 'right now'. When I looked on my Kindle last night, it hadn't downloaded - but this morning, baby, it HAS!
    You know I wish you every success in the world for it. Good thinking on the marketing front too. I'm off to pimp this post!
    Have an exciting, wonderful day.

    Lily xx

    1. Thank you Lily.

      Release day is always exciting...and the waiting to see if people like/hate it.

      Hope you enjoy it.

      Love Cate xox