Friday, August 15, 2014

Phallic Friday - sharing

I'm afraid there's not a lot sexy about me at the moment. I went to the RWA conference last weekend. Women are good at sharing, and some kind soul shared a dreaded lurgy with me. So I'm hacking up my lungs, my throat is so swollen I rival a thick-necked front rower (nah, I'm way past that, I don't have a neck, just this mass beneath my head that jellies onto my shoulders), and energy is something I lost and haven't found again yet.

And when I say this to women, I'll receive comments like, "oh, you poor thing", "hope you're better soon" - sympathy, acknowledgment, because they know what it's like to share. 

Even if some bugger shared the damn thing with me first!

Hopefully I'll be back to normal transmissions soon as I find someone to share my germs with that is :)


  1. Feeling blah on your behalf... get well soon!

    1. Thanks, Lily. It's the sharing thing you're so good with!

      Cate xo