Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Story - late edition

Sorry, Sunday is almost over. I've been thinking of a post but hadn't managed any action until now. And you'd think with all my contemplation that I'd have something fabulous, wouldn't you? But alas.

I've been reading a lot lately but nothing has grabbed me. I haven't read anything so fabulous I have to share. Nor have I read anything truly terrible. And I guess that's a good representation of most books. There are millions upon billions of books in the world, and only a percentage become best sellers or timeless classics. Most fall into the mid-range of ordinary book. Some people will love them, some won't, but they aren't terrible.

I think when I'm writing I forget that. I want fabulous, and writing is such a difficult process that I can't see fabulous even if I fell over it. All I see is awful. So I need to think less, and just write. I have myself caught up in craft, emotion, marketability...when I need to just love my story and write. Worry about all that stuff later.

It's so easy to doubt myself and question my ability. It's so easy to listen to the negativity inside me, and the perfectionist who wants only the best right now this minute. I have to drown them out and write freely. Love the writing process and forget about the things that happen afterwards.

That's not easy for me to do...but I'm going to try to block out all noise, and write!

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