Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - cicadas and kids

Cicadas are the sound of summer, and as summer finishes up, I thought I'd pop these photos here, even though I already did a cicada post (here).

When I was a kid, cicadas were everywhere. Not just the noise. I collected them too - shells and live. But as an adult I hadn't seen too many, which concerned me. Had I lost my inner child?

So a couple of times I've gone on my walk to the beach and made sure I thought about my inner kid (I had to do this when I was by myself, Mr E and my inner kid aren't real good together! He thinks I'll hurt myself, should act my age, etc :) )

So, I walked off the track, peered underneath things, poked around a bit, looked at about chest-waist height. And what did I find? The cicadas and the shells that I'd been missing as an adult! Phew :)

It's a bit scary that I've lost my inner child and have to consciously drag it back. When did that happen? I've always thought about being Peter Pan - and damn, I'm not!

But I can be. I can consciously decide to allow that kid out and she's there, getting all cobwebby as she climbs under branches to get a better photo of a cicada shell. She's there, bending up under branches and leaves to check out tree trunks to find live cicadas. But she's collecting photos now, not live animals and shells, and maybe that's a better thing! I'm sure the cicadas are happier :)

So, as summer comes to a close, and the cicadas quieten down, autumn appears, leaves turn, nights cool, and I'll wait to see what fun my inner kid can have in autumn!

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