Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - bug

I saw this guy on the bathroom floor the other night. I only noticed it because of the massively long antennae. Huge, aren't they?

So... I thought it would be easy to identify (why do I always think that?).

I did a Google search and there are photos like this on US websites were someone says they're cricket nymphs. But... I can't find an Aussie picture of a reputable website to make me feel happy with that definition.

In the back of my mind is something telling me that the massively long antennae are a key feature... but blowed if I can remember what of!

And I'm not sure those legs look like jumping legs. Wish I took better photos - but it was 1 am or something!

But it's not a termite (phew!), or a cockroach, so it must be something like a cricket or grasshopper or something like that, surely.

I'm getting some more pictures of things I know :) It's demoralising not to know what it is!


  1. I was researching bugs last night and apparently bush crickets have testicles that are 14% of their body weight. Imagine dragging those around!

    1. Hooley dooley! 14% of their body weight! Gosh, they'd make a bull look tiny! Hmmm... you're making me want to go and hunt down a bush cricket! LOL

      Thanks, Rhyll!

      Cate xo

  2. Why am I not surprised to see Rhyll pop up with a comment like that... :)