Friday, February 28, 2014

Phallic Friday - vibe plus

We-Vibe II Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator
I thought we needed some more sex toys, so I went on a bit of a net hunt. The UK Cosmopolitan magazine herded me to this website called Lovehoney, to find this item. Can you guess what it is/does?

It's a luxury vibrator.

It has clitoral and G-spot action, and is small enough that you can use it while your partner is inside you, and he also benefits!

How's that for marketing!? A his 'n' hers!

It's a We-Vibe toy, and comes in purple, red and blue, so you can get your favourite colour, or his favourite colour!

No more jealousy over you using a vibe... he can use it with you :)

I'm slow, because it was the 2010 Sex Toy of the year for Couples. But if you want any more information, go to the website under the image and have your mind blown away with instructions, care tips, videos and results of personal testing :)

Oh, and there's a dedicated website in Australia for We-Vibes - - and there's a version 4 (above is only version 2). Gosh, how did I get so far behind?
Thrill by We-Vibe

Oh, hold on, there's an even better one. Thrill by We-Vibe. This one is waterproof, lasts for up to 2 hours of play, and a control handle and quiet vibrations.

Know what? I might need to buy a new sex toy with each book sale. Now, that would be a fun experience. Then I could put the sex toy into the next book, and then is it tax deductible? Oh, I think I'm onto something here!

Enjoy your Phallic Friday!


  1. Man has my idea of what a vibrator looks like changed forever...

    1. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the images!

      They did have rabbit things and the electric toothbrush type, and the lipstick type...But these are the next generation.

      Cate xo