Friday, June 21, 2013

Phallic Friday - Spanking

My dictionary defines "spank" as "to strike (a person, usu. a child) with the open hand, a slipper, etc., esp. on the buttocks, as in punishment."

I don't remember being spanked much as a child, and certainly never with a slipper! I do remember running away from a few spankings though.

As an adult, spankings don't take me back to childhood. They don't fill me with shame, or seem like a punishment. Spanking is pure pleasure - when done right.

For me, spanking is a pleasure-pain thing, as well as one of those things that has a huge build up. It's the will he/won't he? When will he hit? How hard? Where?

So to get pleasure-pain and the anticipation, spanking needs some kind of introduction. Sure it can be short, but there has to be something there first to have me experiencing pleasure (so the spank can do the pain switch) and anticipating the slap.

A good example is in the lead up to sex. Say you're fooling around, kissing and touching, maybe rumbling around a bit. You make a slip, say you jab him in the ribs as you rumble, he stills. "You'll pay for that," he says in mock-seriousness. And you know, you know, he means he's going to spank you. Your body tenses in anticipation, your thighs slick, the breath lodges somewhere mid-chest. You can hardly concentrate because you're waiting, waiting for his hand to move, fly through the air and crack against your buttocks. You're waiting for the burning sting, the flare of heat, and then the shafts of pure blissful pleasure.

Although, having said that, a slap out of nowhere, during intense pleasure can often send me over the edge.

Say he's gone down on you. You're writhing on the bed, so close to orgasm as his lips kiss, his tongue flicks and his mouth sucks. But you're just not there. He doesn't keep the pressure anywhere long enough to let you come. You're frustrated, soaked in pleasure, drowning in lust, and then the bastard stops. You're so close and there's nothing but cool air hitting your soaked cunt. Before you can scream your frustration, the air stirs and his open hand slaps against your clit and nether lips. You swear as you levitate. Your clit spasms, intense pain, heat burns through your entire groin area. Then he strikes again. SLAP! This time your clit clenches tight, screaming, before the most incredible release blooms. It's like you've burst open, flooded. Everything fills with pleasure. Every cell laughs with release. His tongue flicks against your clit and suckles until another orgasm floods you, filling you with intense pleasure.

And that, to me, is the joy of spanking.

Do you enjoy spanking? Or does it give you bad childhood memories?


  1. Spankings in our house were done with a wooden spoon... and they were never much fun.
    I can't say it's something I've experienced... lordy but Phallic Fridays do make my little life seem very tame!


    1. Hey Lily,
      My Mum had a wooden spoon too, and my Dad the black belt. One of us (I say it was my sister, but she says it was me) hid my mum's spoon and she was devastated as it was the best mixing spoon she ever had.

      Cate xo