Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Story

I'm not fond of series - you know, those stories that don't finish with one book but compel you to buy a few more. I understand they're a great way to gather and keep readers, plus they give authors a framework to further develop characters and a world. But there are few series that keep my attention because I always feel that one or more of the books let me down.

I read a blog post the other day where someone had been invested in a series for 23 years and was lamenting the end. 23 years?!? Gosh, I can't imagine following a series for so long.

And then I looked at my bookcase. Ed McBain wrote the 87th precinct police novels for over fifty years and I have at least 30 books here. Oops! But although these were series, you could read a book to have a story told and wrapped up. The series allowed the same characters to be in each story and the readers watched the characters grow (and although their kids aged, they never really did). And I didn't read them in order, I just enjoyed them and bought them when I saw them (often at second hand bookshops for the old ones).

So, much to my shame, I do have series addictions. I just didn't think I did!

Are you a fan of series?


  1. Here comes an on the fence answer!
    I don't like 'romance' series... but I definitely have collected other books that were a series. For example, my favourites are the 'Prey' series by John Sandford (crime thrillers) with a hero called Lucas Davenport. I have read every book, some from the library but lots of them we own. My current man of the moment is Michael Robotham (crime thrillers) he has two great heroes Joe O'Loughlin & Vincent Ruiz. These are brilliant because O'Loughlin has Parkinsons' and Ruiz is old & retired... so they're hardly swashbuckling in the mould of Lucas Davenport (swoon) I mention above.
    So I don't read romance series (does Twilight count?) But I have definitely become invested in characters that I love in other genres.

    And I don't know Ed McBain's books.

    Lily M

    1. Yeah, you make a good point here, Lily. I too have read lots of crime or action series, but not so many romance. And I think the 23 years was fantasy. Hmm... Maybe romance is just capturing us with series books.

      There are some great heroes in these stories. I'm also a Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp fan, and Jack Reacher (but not with Tom Cruise), and Jack Ryan from Tom Clancy's books. I also like Lincoln Rhyme from Jeffery Deaver. Oh, gosh, you shouldn't have got me thinking these ones now!

      Cate xo