Friday, January 25, 2013

Phallic Friday - Fellatio

This post is more about writing than anything else. Sorry if I’ve disappointed you!

A while back there was an idea to write to a theme of "Lick, Sip, Suck" and most people were doing alcohol inspired stories. Of course, I thought I'd do something different and base mine on giving head - or more precisely the inability to do so. The final scene could be the heroine finally giving a passable blow job.

I wrote the story, sent it to my wicked CPs, and at the same time found out the theme got canned. Which was just as well as my CPs weren't happy with the story line. And sadly, I had to agree once they pointed it out (they’re good).

So, new plan... Split the old story into two different stories. The one with the "suck" theme still having a ‘fellatio failure’ theme - maybe even having Fellatio Failure as the title, what do you think?.

Then a (male) writing friend suggested a series of 4 fellatio stories. My failure idea, one where the girl is porn-star good, and another 2 stories. But what other ideas can you spin off from blow jobs?

The rumour mill tells me that American girls are good at head and learn to give it at an early age. Is this true? How do they learn? My at-school fellatio education (admittedly in an all girl school) was severely lacking and consisted of bananas and laughter. So if I want to write a story where a girl learns to suck cock early on, what does she get taught? How is she taught? And is it a story with pursuing?

Do women want to read about blow jobs? Or am I feeding into a male fantasy here?

I'm interested in all opinions here - theoretical or more practical :)


  1. Happy Friday Cate!
    Once again, here comes an out of left field comment from Lily M... do you know, one of the sexiest things I ever saw written came from the book Scruples by Judith Krantz and it involved a male on male headjob in a public toilet. It was just a sizzling piece of writing and description and twenty (or thirty) years later, I don't have the book anymore but man I remember that scene! Neither character involved were anything major in the book, except they came in to play later because a more major love interest for one of the female leads, turned out to be bi-sexual.
    To answer the question - I certainly don't mind reading about blow-jobs. I'm not sure about the education side of things (bananas etc) - maybe that was something you had to be a Crimson Rosella to learn!
    I tell you something - your WIPs sound way more interesting than mine! If you ever want to add to your CP list - call me!!!

    1. Hey Lily M.
      I have a memory of a vivid scene like your BJ one... But I can't remember the name of the book mine came from. I'd love to read it again as an adult and see if it is still powerful. Have you read that scene again? I might chase that book and have a read :)

      It took me a couple of years before I had the guts to show my CPs this stuff LOL Now I have people volunteering. That's too funny.

      I might just stick with one fellatio story for now. I haven't finished that one and have about 4 more stories to edit, so I think I better concentrate on them and not run off on new tangents! I've the attention of a two year old!

      Happy Australia Day Lily.

      Cate xo