Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - Crimson Rosella

The Crimson Rosellas have young ones at the moment and the noise is not as awful as the King Parrots, but still loud. I don't know if I was a parent if I'd reward a squawking child with food! The have to feed their young for 35 days and for me, that's 34.95 days too long!

The King Parrots will eat out of your hand but the Crimson Rosellas are timid. They scoot away almost as soon as you go outside. There is some improvement though. In the 4 years we've been here, we must have a few young re-appear because there are a few birds who will stay around until you're about 6 foot from them - they they take off.

The Crimson Rosella was one of the patrol group names when I was in Girl Guides. I belonged to the Kookaburras for a long time and when I was moved to the Rosellas I was quite sad. Although it was a promotion, I always thought of myself as a Kookaburra :) Funny what you think as a kid!


  1. Now I don't think I'll ever look at your name again Cate without thinking: Cate Ellink, Crimson Rosella!
    From Girl Guides to Erotica... you've got to love that!

    1. LOL! Oh, it's so much worse than that Ms Malone! I pretended to be a good girl for so very long ;)

      Cate xo