Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy 2019

Happy 2019!

As we wave farewell to 2018, I think many people will remember it as a year when the world seemed to turn upside down!

I'll be remembering at the year when my health improved, when I embraced alternative  / complimentary therapies and found some relief. The year when I didn't lose my voice - not once! The year when a few repeat events came around and I handled them differently. The year when I did a lot of work and reading into alternative practices, and stepped more closely towards all sorts of right-brained beliefs. The year I spent with Tarot cards, self-reflection, past lives, fears, dreams, memories, oracle cards, self-help books, and dancing along the edges of science and magick.

What does 2019 hold?

There's always a moment as the year clicks over, when it's like starting a new story - there's a whole blank page/notebook, just waiting for characters and adventures and romance and action. But for me, until I start writing the story, I have no idea where it may go! Sure, I'll have a few thoughts, but no hard and fast map or plan.

My thoughts for my 2019 are:
  • get a few self-published stories out
  • focus more on my writing career, and less on the every day tasks that consume me (but somehow still pay the bills)
  • remain healthy
  • keep exploring all aspects of the world
  • keep exploring my right and left brain, and working to see if they can balance better
  • run my OWL on Getting Comfortable Writing Sex
  • do a few local workshops
  • put together some 'help for writers' tips/articles
  • work with other authors
  • keep enjoying the amazing creatures in my backyard
  • meet more readers and writers
  • enjoy every day of life!

Do you have plans for 2019? Or any thoughts of what you'd like to achieve/do?


  1. Perfect non plan! I am late to the party but I hope 2019 delivers for you in spades. Particularly on the health front.
    Much love to you my brave friend

    1. Hello Lily :) Thank you so much for going back and reading my drivel! Much love to you too!
      Cate xox