Friday, March 17, 2017

Phallic Friday - footy player perves

Footy season has started again. And week 2 saw my team play at our closest ground, where we have tickets! So I got to cheer my team, while sitting in the area for the other team. Luckily I'm quiet and no one hassled me - but there were a few odd looks. (And yes, it was hell on my ears, and I'm paying this week...but I think it was worth it).

So, while I was there, I was thinking about stories. My MMF has a team in the background so I have a few other books planned in my head for different team mates, and so I was looking for some inspiration.

Because we're footy addicts, we sit through all 3 games (under 20s, the 'reserve grade' and the main NRL game). During the early games, some of the NRL guys sit around our seats, which is great for my Muse. I watch and file away all sorts of crazy things.

So, the other day it was this back shape that caught my eye. He looks good in his footy gear, but this is his club suit. It's that back shape we all try to describe - big shoulders tapering to narrow hips. Swimmers' build. But I took this picture because there's more that I've missed describing. There's the strain across the shoulder portion of the suit. The thick muscles along the spine. There's the way the suit moulds to his shape. And that waist is tight. Anyway...I won't go on or I'll drool!!!

Some guys have tattoos. This bloke's caught my eye and I wish I could have gotten a good photo from the front, because see that kind of striping effect on the back of his thighs, on the front they were angled more from the middle of his thighs going out and down. Maybe I have a perverted brain, but it looked to me like the sun was shining out of his groin. Do you think that was the intention? I just wasn't sure. And the tattoo went right down over his kneecaps...which must have hurt because there's so little flesh there. So I was wincing and frowning and trying to understand. But a great body trait for a character, I thought. Not the usual tattoos.

For the second half of the reserve grade, and during the main game, many of the U20s were in front of us. Most of them are so tiny. They're so young, their muscles haven't fully developed. Some of them have hands that I'm sure are smaller than mine. Some bite their nails. They all tap incessantly on their phone. A few have tattoos. They're goofy kids, mucking around at the footy together.  All guys, no girls with them.

But they're also giving, some are humble. A bunch of kids came up to them (kids 7 or 8 yrs old I guess) who wanted to chat, wanted autographs. One of the players had visited their school and so the kids had some 'ownership' of him, and he was great with them. He involved all his teammates in the signing, even if they were somewhat reluctant. They spun crazy stories that were clearly lies, but the kids ate them up, and the guys had their 'in' joke to amuse themselves. It wasn't harmful, just claiming familial relationships with 'stars'. The kids loved it all and went away on cloud 9.

I like sitting and watching. I like wondering about the groupings of players, and how that affects their on-field play. I like trying to find new, yet accurate, word pictures to describe people and bodies and interactions. I like getting ideas for stories, characters, teams. It's all amazing fodder.

Mr E thinks I'm a perve...but I call it research :)


  1. Ha! at least the sun was shining out of his groin and not his arse :)

    1. I'm so glad you think like me :) There is a little part of me that wonders if he thinks the world revolves around his dick ;)

      Cate xo