Friday, January 13, 2017

Phallic Friday - discreet packaging

Happy 2017! I hope your year is filled with great things. I've had a big break, a little longer than intended, so apologies if you missed me :)  (Lily won't have because we've been watching and tweeting about the Aussie Big Bash Cricket! Loving summer!)

Today I'm thinking about discreet packaging. When you buy something, like a sex toy, do you want to announce to the whole world that you've just purchased a new vibrator in the most fluoro of pinks?

I was looking at the discreet packaging on sex toys recently. This vibrator I saw had a very brightly pink coloured outer box sleeve with big white text saying "...Vibe" and "...Rabbit". No pictures - just this overly large text, along with smaller text. I guess kids can't work out what the box contains, unless they're over, what 6 or 7, when they could read those words - and rabbits in a pink box probably make them question what it is you've bought.

Inside, more words but on a grey coloured box this time. Discreet, almost!

And then, inside, the totally moulded plastic case to hold your vibrator. Leaving not much to anyone's imagination. Take the vibe out, and the mould shows exactly the size and shape of the object. It's white plastic though, so much more discreet than if it was the same fluoro pink of the vibe.

All of this is recyclable. Fantastic! Your garbage man can find out what you've bought too!

Most of my family and friends would be horrified to know I looked at vibrators, much less have used one. So, for me, this loud and proud packaging doesn't sit comfortably. I know manufacturers want to stand out, have their name in the general public's eye, and be recognisable... but what if I want to buy your product and keep it a secret? What if I don't want to have the fluoro pink box showing through the bag as I shop? What if I don't want my garbage man knowing my purchases?

Am I just looking in the wrong places, or has discreet packaging been done away with?


  1. Oh I've no idea - but I'm taking a break in the one day game (which is on in the background #GoAussie) but I'm just so glad to have phallic Friday back!
    Happy 2017 to you Cate. I hope it is AWESOME!

    1. I didn't think the Aussies would win that game as well as they did. A great team effort!

      Yes, Phallic Friday is back. Hopefully WW too...better get back into the swing of the normal routine!

      Cate xo