Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Story - Exhibition

IMG_0026I've just read Nicolette Hugo's Exhibition. This is her second book, after The Arrangement.

I started reading Exhibition on the train after a stressful day. I was looking to escape my head which was busy processing stuff from the day. This story made me forget my day. When I got home, I read a couple more pages before my eyes gave up on me. Then a few hours later, I woke up and had to finish it (kind of eye interval!).

I don't often get quite so caught up in a book as to wake up and continue reading it. But there was something about the heroine, Grace, that caught my imagination/attention.

Grace had a traumatic childhood event that has left her emotionally scarred. As a coping mechanism, she likes to keep her distance from people by hiding in plain sight. Added to this, exhibitionism calls to her. She sees it as a dark side she wants to ignore, but can't. She's not a whole person if she ignores this sexual need.

A chance encounter at a BDSM party with a Dom who 'sees' people's needs, exposes Grace to more than she expected. Her unraveling begins.

As we learn about Grace, I became deeper and deeper involved in her story. She's a fascinating character and the struggle within her to accept her needs was incredibly depicted.

I think my recent exploration into a variety of fetishes made this book richer for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved Grace's strength and her vulnerability. I loved her fear and her need. I loved how she wanted to hide but needed to be seen. Grace is fascinating.

And don't get me started on Jason, the hero. Holy hell.

Exhibition was fascinating. I'm looking forward to whatever Nicolette Hugo has in store next.


  1. I've read The Arrangement, but not Exhibition yet. I enjoy Nicollette's voice very much. I felt I learned a lot about BDSM (the right way) through her first book. I can absolutely understand why it may have kept you awake.

    1. Yes, the right way, is exactly how I feel. Thanks, Lily :) Hope you enjoy this one when you get to it.

      Cate xo