Friday, November 27, 2015

Phallic Friday - tradies

I'm late, again. So sorry (esp. Lily) but I think I have a good excuse. You see, last night we had electricity issues and I had to shut down way earlier than expected and my post was still in limbo.

A tree came down next door and landed on the power line to their house with such force it ripped their house as the extra wire was dragged out of insulation and fascia board, and then the powerpole moved about 3 inches in the sand and had a 20 degree slope towards our houses. Fortunately our powerline just danced a merry dance as all this happened. And how do I know? Because I was about 2 m from the front door when I heard the snap and as I ran outside the tree hit the ground and I saw the powerlines dancing. So, I turned around and went through the house and out the backdoor, still not knowing what happened. The trees on the other side of us are humungous and I didn't even think of the old Banksia in the other neighbours.

So, anyway, after all that excitement, the electricity mob turned up to sort out our issues. At first I thought the guy was too young and blase to know what he was saying. It seemed like a disaster - live wires on the ground under a tree, us on one side, neighbour on the other, with a precariously balanced pole. Recipe for disaster in my book. But not his. He talked through the options as calmly as if nothing had happened. He called a mate to help with the pole. Then he set to work.

He pulled this baby chainsaw from his ute. We all sniggered - me, Mr E and neighbour. Then he and baby got to work - and could they work! No more sniggering at chainsaw. It cut through that tree like a knife in hot butter. Mr E and I were only just keeping up with his cutting and our removal. And this guy could use his baby. Just as cool as you like slicing. No fuss. No extra energy. Just sweet as. It was a pleasure to watch a master at work.

Then his mate came in the bigger truck. In a little break I asked if this was a common problem. Yep, they get one or two a day! So no wonder it was a well-oiled machine at work here.

Once the tree was chopped and stacked (he did have to use the larger chainsaw for the trunk) they got to work on the pole, shimmying up an extension ladder right to the top to check out the lines and insulators and wedges and stuff. I've no idea, it was almost dark by then, but they had safety harnesses and they tied themselves off to the pole and the ladder was tied to the pole, and it was fascinating! Then they winched the pole straight using the ute-mounted winch. Yep, 1001 things you can do with a winch! If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't believe it. They rammed the sand back in around the pole and voila! It was like nothing had happened.

The tree fell just after 6 pm, by 8.30 pm we were inside with everything fixed. It was amazing. The two guys were incredible - calm, efficient experts. And that made me realise why tradies are so sexy in romance novels - they know what they're doing. They go about their business calmly and in a manner that exudes confidence (even when you think they're daft). They have safety measures but they treat them so matter-of-factly that you accept it as part of the job, nothing special. They do their work - get in, get out - with such efficiency you can't help but be impressed. And that's why tradies make great, sexy, heroes.

I might need to write some tradie stuff now!!

(PS No photos, because it was going on dark, which is a shame. You would have liked them - men and their poles!)