Friday, August 28, 2015

Phallic Friday - Ashley Madison

Without a fetish to explore, I was a bit lost as to what to post but since Ashley Madison is all over the news everywhere, I thought a post on that could be interesting.

So, the names got released and the news started listing how many people in government departments across the world were on the list. I'm watching the news in horror and I say to Mr E, "Seriously, people used their work email address to set up their accounts?" Not only that, I went on... "Why on earth wouldn't they set up a fake account? Why would they use their real name? They're cheating and they don't know how to hide it? Really? How dumb are these people?"

I'm not on Ashley Madison - in a real or fake name - but I've  spent months thinking about fetishes of various types and I am always thinking about sex, and people and sex, and how sex happens, and all sorts of sex things and story lines, so naturally I've thought about how you'd get away with cheating.

But question is WHY? Why hadn't these people thought through this? If you're going to cheat, why haven't you put in a little thought as to how you might hide it?

Do their workplaces allow them to sign up to anything using their workplace emails? I know when I was in a government department we had rather strict internet use policy and this wouldn't have been okay...and that was way before emails became so easy to create.

Are these people looking to get caught? Is the excitement of cheating not enough and so they need the thrill of possible exposure to be added in?

Is this another fetish?

There are serial cheaters. Is this a twist on that? Or a twist on the office sex, or sex in public fetish?

Should I be exploring another fetish? Would it be called The Ashley Madison? :)


  1. I've seen the Ashley Madison headlines and never clicked so I wasn't really that sure of what it was, and I guess I don't care. I'm writing a book at the moment which involves cheat (the same guy way way back who wears the tights) - so maybe I'm mixing up fetishes without even knowing it?
    ps I think 'The Ashley Madison" is as good a name as any :)

    1. Oh, tight lots interested in reading that! :)

      Cate xox