Friday, January 23, 2015

Phallic Friday - "sex slave"

I was going to steer away from this topic so I wouldn't have a rant, but I can't. I need to rant!

There's a huge lot of media coverage in Australia at the moment about Prince Andrew and a paedophile ring and a sex slave. I keep trying not to get riled up about it...but I'm failing!

The woman who claims she was a 'sex slave' is now a mother with children, living in Australia. She claims as a teen she was a 'sex slave' but she left, married her husband, moved to Australia, and got on with her life when she left.

In my imagination, a sex slave is someone who is poorly treated, has no option but to have sex, and rarely gets away from the lifestyle.I struggle to marry the term 'sex slave' with someone who jets around the world, stays in high class hotels, has sex with PMs, high ranking business men, and princes.

But maybe she wasn't paid. Maybe she was 'sold' into the business. But do you call yourself a 'sex slave' then?

Her age is also a problem for me. She was 17 when she claims she had sex with Prince Andrew. I'd be very hard pressed to be able to guess the age of a girl to the exact year. How would he know if she was 16 or 22? Girls can look any age, especially if they're dressed up. 17, illegal. 18, legal. Not a big difference there. And if you're a prince given a woman for the night, do you ask their age? If she's there and sex is on offer, I don't know that I'd be asking if she was sure she was 18 - and even if you did, I wonder what her answer would have been back then...would she have said anything to please the client?

So I'm struggling with the media attention on this story. I'm struggling with the terms used. I'm struggling to understand why it matters and why it should be brought up now and attract such outrage.

But maybe it's just me. Do you have views on the story? Or do you ignore stories like this?


  1. Oh gosh - you open a can of worms with something like this. I mean, is there an argument that because of how long ago it happened, someone like Rolf Harris shouldn't be in jail? I dunno... I think as a Prince (especially as a prince) he should have exercised better judgement. I mean - get himself a girlfriend - don't take girls as 'presents' for an evening. Prince or no prince.


  2. I was thinking on this again last night and I guess the difference is (not having read about it because I don't really care what Prince Andrew got up to) - but there's no accusation of abuse is there. So my Rolf Harris comparison isn't really appropriate. Either way, I still think a Prince should have better judgement... any bloke really. (Sigh). Shut up Lily.

    1. LOL. I know, this is why I tried not to write this post...but I did. I'm not good at controversy because I can often see all sides so I argue myself back and forth!

      I don't think there's any abuse been mentioned at all. So yeah, not like Rolf.

      Prince Andrew has always been a bit raunchy for a Royal. He hung out with Koo Stark for years, so much so my Mum was scared he'd marry her and bring down the Windsors :)

      Thanks for thinking about this. And I'm glad someone else gets as tangled in arguments as I do!

      Cate xoxo