Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 - a new year

Happy New Year! 

I hope 2015 is a good one for everyone!

I thought I'd start by having a look back at last year's post and see how I went with my 2014 goals (if I had any - which surprisingly I did!). Here's the post, and these were my goals:

My 2014 plans:
  • Get Deep Diving published
  • Finish Fellatio Failure
  • Finish Fetish story
  • Maybe even start a new is even bubbling away.

So... how did I go?
  • Deep Diving got published
  • Umm... Fellatio Failure and Fetish are both still unfinished
  • I wrote Lana, after that project popped up unexpectedly (does that count for a new one?)
  • I had another short story in a Rachel Kramer Bussel anthology.
And I got sidetracked. I self published 30 November Kisses, and worked with the Naughty Ninjas. Surely they count :) I thought writing-wise, 2014 was a huge year for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, even if all targets were not met!!

So... 2015 ... what are my goals?

I don't have anything finished, so I have to do that. But I'm not sure which story that's fluttering in my head. There's the 2 from last year, plus a series I'm thinking about which is 5 friends and it's knocking away at the moment, plus I joked about doing a rockstar BDSM story which is also brewing. So, maybe I should try to finish 2 stories this year. Whatever they may be!

I'd like to get a few self-pubbed things out too. Probably short stories or something. So that's on the cards too.

I'm going to try to write/edit 10K a month this year.

I'm going to try to build up my exercise too - aiming for 10 hours/month in January.

And I'm going to try to look after my health better. Each year I'm improving but there's room for more improvement. So that will also be a focus.

And I'm going to try to make some dough from this gig! I need to do that to keep the roof over my head - that's my half of the bargain and I'm struggling. One day I'd like writing to earn me what I used to earn, but for now, I'd like it to keep increasing, and it has been but with hobby figures (a couple of hundred dollars), and I'd like a career.

Let's see how 2015 fares! Best of luck to us all!


  1. I also had the feeling 2014 was amazing for you! So take a moment to say well done to yourself. I look forward to sharing 2015 with you Cate! :)

    1. Thanks heaps, Lily. 2014 was pretty exciting for me. I'm glad you've been sharing the journey with me! I hope you have a huge 2015 with Fairway and your next one.

      Cate xo