Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Story - Sydney Housewives

The Housewives are still going. A new one every fortnight. Shona Husk's Meagan was the latest one...and it's Shona's first contemporary story, not that you'd be able to tell that. I love Shona's writing and Meagan is good fun - food (chocolate even) and sex!

I'm making a concerted effort this year not to read so much. I have a bad habit of taking my iPad to bed to read because then hubby isn't disturbed by my bedside light...but it's even more addictive reading on an e-reader! I think it's because my hand doesn't tire holding a heavy book :) Or maybe it's the lighting. Or the fact I'm not disturbing anyone. Anyway, there have been many many late nights and they need to stop.

Why? Because I need to write. I fear that I read more than I write and that isn't getting books written.

I have a few good ideas for stories too...but it's the case of having to finish the one I'm working on before these new bright shiny ideas get started. I've scribbled lots of notes and ideas, so hopefully when the old one is done, the new one is ready to pour from the fingers!

I really like the writing part - the re-writing and editing is just hard work for me. So I force myself to do that before I let myself write again. It's like rewarding myself with chocolate!!!

I set a Goodreads reading challenge for 120 books this year. If  you see me do too many more, will you yell at me? Thanks :)

I've been on a Lexxie Couper binge - have you read the housewife Jorja? She's a rugby league player's girlfriend! Then she has a whole heap of hot firemen and women that have sucked me in!

Have you read any good books lately?


  1. I promise to yell at you if I see too many Goodreads books. And I do agree about the e-reader and how light it is to hold.
    xx Don't worry - you have lots of fun writing ahead in 2015. You'll get there :)

    1. Oh, good, thanks for yelling!

      I like the writing part, so that's always fun, it's the re-writing and edting that is a drag :) If only I coudl publish my first draft waffle!

      Happy 2015 to you and your stories, Lily :) I'm looking forward to them.

      Cate xo