Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - fish in WA

Snorkelling in Western Australia, near Exmouth at Turquoise Bay, and at Coral Bay south of Exmouth, we came across some rather colourful fish.

Where I live, we mostly get cold-water-loving fish, but here are more of the warm-water-loving fish, or reef fish.

Butterfly fish would have to be my favourite of the reef fish. This bright yellow one is (I think) Bennett's butterflyfish. My hesitation is that my book says they're rare and they are difficult to get a good photo because they employ devious tactics to hide. I just snapped this, so maybe I have the wrong species, but it's definitely a beautiful butterfly fish.

The leatherjacket is an interesting fish. When I was a kid I could catch these without trying, as an adult I rarely catch them. And when I was a kid, fishing in NSW, they were never this beautiful. This could be the horseshoe leatherjacket (but I don;t have a photo of its side, which I need) also called the Variable Leatherjacket.

Parrotfish or Wrasse are beautifully coloured too. After Googling, I think this is the Green-cheeked parrotfish. Whatever it is, the blue hues were amazing.

And this yellow and orange fish also defies my skills at finding out who it is...but gorgeous none-the-less.

Green-cheeked Parrotfish

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