Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Story - holiday ramblings

No reading done lately and no writing either. I went travelling with Mr E again. I don't know why but somehow when we travel I find no time for words. It's not that we talk a lot. I think it's because we do lots of kilometres and I like to look and think.

My first lot of study was in environmental biology, so landforms, vegetation and fauna interest me. I love watching the changing scenery. And this trip, we went out to Western NSW which has had three good wet years in 2010, 2011 & 2012. This year it's back to the usual drought, but animals were prolific. I've never seen so many emus, and goats. Lots of roos, and falcons and crows. The last few times I've been out there has been really dry for a long time. So to see it with lots of vegetation, even if dry, was great. So, lots of looking and thinking and comparing.

Then I need lots of sleep. I have CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), although luckily not as badly as it could be even if it frustrates the heck out of me. Driving is wearying for me - even the passenger seat driving I do! So to sleep for ten hours is necessary after the 500km drive. So my reading/writing time is chomped into.

But...if writing is to be a career, should I be able to write when travelling?  Or should travelling just be holidays - a time for recharging?

Our ultimate dream is to travel while I work. But I might need to rethink this since I can't seem to find time for work on the last two trips! Or maybe we need to drive less. Mr E loves to drive, so pulling him up is kind of difficult. I'd love to write while he drives but I'm a control freak and I get car sick. LOL. I am the worst passenger. I sometimes think Mr E would like to toss me out, especially when my brakes aren't working no matter how hard I slam the floor.

Oh, and I take photos. Hundreds of them. And with digital cameras I can shoot out the window as we fly by scenes. If they don't work, just delete.

Sometimes there's so much more to do than read and write! I can't believe I said that!


  1. Whenever we drive anywhere - hubby and I joke that we're on The Express... because he don't dang stop for nothing or nobody...
    I love your travel posts.
    I've been on holiday too but not as much fun as yours. We were relative visiting (which is lovely, I am lucky with my rellies)... but still not really my favourite holiday. I'd prefer sitting by a pool with a good book & a drink with a colourful umbrella.
    Anyway, am not catching up on all my Cate Ellink blog love...

    1. They're kind of the same, these men, aren't they?

      Oh, that's my kind of holiday - book, relaxing. Not sure how it doesn't happen like that with Mr E! I used to think married friends were odd going off on their own holiday - now I so understand!

      Cate xox