Friday, April 5, 2019

Fearless Friday - trusting the universe

Do you hear people say, "Trust the universe", or "the universe has your back"? I always have heard it said. I thought I understood what it meant. I thought I did it too, mostly. But lately, I've been hearing it more and being challenged in how much I trust the universe. This is an odd feeling for one who thinks they do it anyway!

When I trust the universe, I usually get signs, or synchronicities, to show me that I've done the right thing. That all will be well.

Do you ever get signs from the universe?

Maybe you see numbers repeating. You might open your iPad, or flick on the phone, and see 1:11 or 22:22 or 13:13. Or they'll be on something you drive past, or catch on something you glimpse.

Maybe a name gets repeated. You meet someone who changes your life in some way, and their name pops up over and over. In a character you read, in a salesperson, in someone new you meet.

Maybe you talk about something to someone, and then that thing happens. Out of the blue. Completely unexpected. This one happened to me this week. I spoke to someone about fruit bats - I'd raised them, he knew someone who had too. Some hours later, I had a fruit bat crash into my back verandah and I had to help it on its way. I've lived here 11 years and this is the first fruit bat that's crashed into my place, although they do fly over a lot. Weirder still, it was a juvenile fruit bat at about the size they're released after you raise them. I stood there in shock - it's a fruit bat, after we spoke about fruit bats - but no one else seemed to find that significant. I did. It was the universe telling me I'd done the right thing, even though it seemed odd.

Does this happen to other people? Does it happen to you?

Mostly I've heard people mention this associated with loss of loved ones. For example, rainbows are often a sign people see where they'll say, "XX sent me a rainbow, so everything's going to be okay." It's beautiful when that happens. I've heard it said about rainbows, flowers, animals, cloud shapes, even food. It makes me smile every time, but most especially when it's someone who I'd never have picked to say something like that.

I seem to be having quite a discussion with the universe lately. I just hope I'm interpreting the signs correctly! But I'm trusting the universe will clunk me on the head if I go totally off-course :)

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