Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Wildlife Wednesday - Sea Lions

I've no idea where time vanishes to...but it floats away too quickly sometimes!

Back to Kangaroo Island. Today we're at Seal Bay. This is the resting place of Australian Sea Lions. It's not unprotected, but it closely guarded by the National Park. I wasn't quite expecting how protected the place is. It's not a bad thing, it's great that the animals aren't affected by people and tourists aren't annoying them during their resting time. I point it out because it costs money - and more money to be close to the sea lions - and don't take your swimmers because you won't be swimming there!

Flipper tracks
When we went, we thought we'd just do our own wandering and not the guided tour. But then the staff pointed out that the boardwalk for the unguided is right at the end of the beach (up to the left when you're looking at the beach) and on the day we were there, there wasn't a sea lion up that end. There's a viewing platform but no beach access. In the photo above, the headland in the distance is where the boardwalk is. Those steps close by are the Guided Walk's path.

The guided tour is right there in front of the visitor's centre, and you walk down on to the beach, and although you're not beside the sea lions, you're probably only 20m away from them. If you're lucky, they may come up to you, or come past you. And you can see flipper tracks :)

Let me bombard you with my photos.

If you want info on Sea Lions, here's the Australian Museum.

If you want Seal Bay info, pop in here.

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