Friday, February 8, 2019

Fearless Friday - women changing the world


Have you heard of this?

I hadn't until it came up in an email from a writing course I'd done. It blew my mind.

It's a new way of supporting women in the business world. It's in Australia and NZ as well as Canada and the US.

The Australian businesses who are short-listed for support are introduced here.

What type of businesses do women run/own that focus on positive changes in the world?

  • online marketing of skills
  • helping kids play and develop skills for work (coding), sport, and life
  • recycling of plastics, rubbish, clothing, goods
  • agricultural health
  • help for homeless
  • indigenous storytelling and fashion
  • job support
  • healthcare tech
  • fashion
  • remote sensing
  • business services
  • healthy drinks
  • environmentally conscious sunscreen
  • menstrual products
  • food

The organisational structure of SheEO sounds incredible. It makes me so optimstic that there might be a way forward to a future with hope, helping, less greed, more power to all.

Are you interested in this?

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