Friday, February 22, 2019

Fearless Friday - returned rights

My very first published story is getting a re-run.

You may remember A Real Online Fantasy looked like this when it was with Momentum Publishing. But Momentum closed down and most of the Hot Down Under Authors had their rights reverted to them...and I have taken a very long time to do that.

I have now!

Self publishing is something that scares me - even though I think it's a great option. It scares me because I'm in total control. I have to make decisions. It's all up to me. I have to sell myself, my books, pick covers, hire editors, foot bills. That's a lot of decisions weighing on me. It means I have to believe in myself and trust my judgement. I have to be fearless in my business self.

It's taken me some years to work up to that. I've tossed a few self-published stories into the mix, and found it's not that terrifying! It's no worse than sending a book to a publisher - except I wear all the costs. But if I believe in myself, that shouldn't be too much of a worry. And if I'm careful and frugal, I should be able to make end meet, right?

In my quest to be fearless, I've backed myself. I asked for my rights back. I asked a cover designer to do me a cover. I've even added to the story, so now I have Part 2 as well as the initial Part 1.

Part 1 was when Condamine and Esquire met and acted out her fantasy.

Part 2 is when they act out his.

The new cover has completely inspired me! I think I need to do parts 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.

I promise I'll show you this fabulous cover just as soon as I have all the rights reverted and I'm able to republish my story. I'm busting to show the world!!!

But let me give you a glimpse of some branding that's got some themes from the cover.

What do you think?


  1. It's way too long since I visited here. Very exciting to hear about your rights to this story being returned to you. I always thought of you as fearless - do you remember that? I remember saying to you years ago that to me, the Cate Ellink brand was a fearless brand. You told me I had rocks in my head... (or something to that effect). xx

    1. I do remember you saying that, Lily, and I never think you have rocks in your head...but I may have scoffed at your words because I didn't believe them then. You're just too smart :)

      Thanks, my friend.

      Cate xo