Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - mystery bug

From above - that's my pencil and fingertip
I'm back with the mysteries again. I had no idea there were so many critters in my yard I didn't know - and had never seen before!

The other day, I was sitting in the sun under a tree, when this little guy appeared on my pencil. It's one of those pencils you click for more lead, so not big - if that'll give you an idea of the size of this bug!

It has 6 legs, so it's an insect.

And I thought it looked like a woodlouse/slater but they're segmented evenly all the way along, whereas this guy has a distinct head and thorax.

It could be a nymph of something. In agricultural pests, a lot of nymphs are something like this and suck the sap from crops and pastures - but they're usually a bit thicker than this guy.

Side view on my pencil
Oh, I got excited for a minute about an Australian Bronze Bug, but I don't think it's that either. This guy doesn't have the wings.

Bed bugs have more shape to their bodies.

Oh, I had a tick yesterday, maybe it's a type of tick, except their bodies aren't segmented like this.

Stretching at the end of my pencil
Pseudoscorpions have big pincers at the front.

Scroll down this webpage and there's a picture of toad bugs. They're not right either, it also likes water and mine was on dry land, but at least they're looking more like what I found.

Then I found a lerp. And maybe... it's kind of close.

I'll keep hunting and let you know if I stumble across an identification.

If you know my mystery bug, please let me know!

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