Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - Leaf Like A Book

I have a Bird Nest Fern that has spores on the underleaf at the moment. I was outside looking at it, when I realised that it looks like a book! I can't tell you how many times I've looked at this and taken photos of the spores, but just not in this way! It was like those optical illusions when the image 'flicked' and you saw something different. Well the midrib of the leaf flipped and I saw the spine of a book, the spores like text, so tiny I can't read it.

Anyway, that was my wildlife madness for this week :) Oh, no it wasn't...

I found a lizard doing acrobatics to sneak in through the flywire gauze sliding door and get inside. There's the tiniest of gaps, and if the small lizard twisted and wriggled and squirmed, it could sneak through while a big lizard stood guard and encouraged it. Of course when I had my camera, no lizards did anything of the sort. They sat smiling at me with faces of innocence...but I know! I just have no buggers.

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