Saturday, June 10, 2017

Sunday Story - writing rambles

I've been editing Team Player this week, and I know I have quite a different writing style to most people, and I know when I'm lost in my story the world could vanish, and I know I love Lyle and Charlie so very much...but I've had a weird experience with reading. I'm not sure that it's related to my editing brain being on, but it could be. I'm going to talk it through.

Two of my favourite romance writers had new books out this week. I waited until I finished edits to read one (last night), but the other one somehow got opened a couple of nights ago (oops! I have no self control).

The first one I began reading...lost me. Early on in the story, I had no clue about details. They seemed to be missing. I had to read and read to find out what the hell was actually happening. Most scenes were like this - about half way into the scene, it started to come clear what the activity was they were doing. I didn't find it added to the suspense - this wasn't a suspense. It read like a first draft. And if I was new to this author, I wouldn't have kept going. I would have stopped reading because it was bloody annoying. And the book was through a publisher, a big publisher, and had editors mentioned, so presumably had been edited. I have to assume the editor understood what was happening, because it hadn't been changed. So it was just me. Which concerned me. I don't think I'm a bad reader. So I went to Goodreads to see what early reviewers said, and that was even more confusing. Early reviewers commented that the story was confusing and the initial pages left them thinking something was missing, yet they kept reading and it got good stars. So I'm none the wiser. And I don't know how you ask a friend "what happened here?" when maybe nothing happened and it's just me who's a picky pedantic bitch.

Then last night, my reward book for finishing edits. OMG. Hated it. My reward book that I was ever so keen to read...and it's no reward. What the heck is happening to me?!?!?! The guy is a girl, for sure. There are hardly any masculine traits in him. I can't believe him at all.



What's happened to me?

And more importantly, how the heck do I get out of this reading slump? I suppose there are a few (snort - a billion) books on my TBR pile, so I'll just have to keep reading until something grabs me.

What do you do if you hate a book by a favourite author?


  1. Scored with Anne Gracie's Marry In Haste which I could not put down! Phew!

    And, Sunday Story posted on Saturday...must have been having a shocker!

    Cate xo

  2. I can't think of a book I've hated by a favourite author?? I have favourites of course, but I can usually be into the book enough that I enjoy it, even if I don't love it.
    Sorry that your reward read was crappy! Glad Annie Gracie saved you!