Friday, July 29, 2016

Phallic Friday - "do you want to have sex?"

Subtlety and I aren't well acquainted. I'm quite direct, or I go for complete avoidance. I've never perfected the art of subtlety, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle when you're supposed to be clever and subtle in stories.

I also use that "insta-love" thing that lots of romance readers hate - because with insta-love, you don't need to explain. The guy and the girl dig each other, so they get down and dirty.

But I'm in need of a bit of subtlety. I didn't use it in Deep Diving with Cooper and Sam being direct in their interaction - she wolf whistled to signify her attraction; he asked if she wanted holiday sex. Direct, easy, straight forward.

I don't really want to be known as the most unromantic writer ever, so I thought I'd try a more subtle approach this time...but it's not working all that well. It's still pretty much, "Hey, do you want to have sex?"

So, how do you go from eyeing each other up to the horizontal tango?

I'm okay with the cliche bar scenes, pick up lines, those sort of conventional pick up places. I know the signs and body language that show interest. But what if there are signs but no action? What if I need more than signs to go further? What if the situation is more than the usual boy-girl one?

Let me give you a few scenarios that I've been puzzling over -

What if you've been friends-with-benefits for years, and you want things to become more serious. How does that conversation work?

What if you're female and you want in on your two best friends' male-male relationship - how do you subtly infiltrate and widen a relationship?

What if you've been hitting on a guy in retail for months, and you want more than just chatter and smiles? How do you know if chatter and smiles are part of the job, or actual interest in you?

How about a celebrity you rescue from a crazy crowd - how can you get that to turn dirty?

Direct questions and insta-love can work in every one of these scenarios, but should I be trying for something more?

I'm hoping you might have some gems for me! I'm always up for learning new things - but be warned, whatever you share I might use (but I'll thank you profusely!).

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