Monday, December 7, 2015

Cover Reveal - Down & Dusty: Lucky

Today I can let you into my other secret. There's another Escape Secret Confessions series with hot, hot stories! This time, instead of rich Sydney housewives, or Rock Stars, we're sharing stories from the outback.

Presenting: Secret Confessions Down & Dusty - Lucky

They say that no one has secrets in a small town – these women prove them wrong.

Eight brand-new stories from some of Australia's hottest writers in Australia's hottest genre. From the bar stools of the local pub to the wide open plains of the biggest stations in the world, these tales travel the dusty roads to the heart of Australia and the women who understand how to work hard – and play even harder.
In the latest in the wildly successful Secret Confessions series from Escape Publishing, the women of Down & Dusty invite you into their lives – and their bedrooms.

As the single female owner  of Milpinyani Spring’s only pub, Lucky has learned that her behaviour has to be above reproach. She works hard at home, and when she needs to play hard, she does so – far away from the prying eyes of her neighbours and friends. So when the hot new cop swaggers up to bar, she knows the rules: look, don’t touch. But Dare doesn’t know how to play her game, and he’s about to show her that the only rules that count are the ones that you break. 

I loved writing this story because it merged my two selves - rural and erotic. Although, there's not a huge rural flavour, I hope there's a hint of the bush, the isolation of a small town, and the secrets that happen even when it's dusty!

I really love the clouds, the light and the tree in this cover - and the bloke's a bit of all right too ;)

If you want to know more about this series, or find out the other books in the series (there are 7 more), you can go to the Escape webpage for more series information.


  1. Lucky you to be in the anthology and well deserved! You've had so much great book news lately. Really pleased for you and can't wait to read them :)

    1. Thanks, Lily :)

      Sorry I missed this comment.

      Cate xox