Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - birds again

I'm late ... sorry!

Today I'm sharing a family visit with you.

My aunt and uncle came to stay recently. My aunt is a bird watcher and is quite serious about it. So I took her down to our beach and the river mouth for some bird spotting. I took along my bird book and binoculars - I've not done that since I was at uni! Usually it's just the little camera in my pocket.

So...we're down there and she's waiting for me to tell her what the birds are. I look at her in horror, "I don't know what they are. I thought you'd know." We knew the same birds - the obvious ones! The others, it was like the blind leading the blind.

She went home majorly disappointed in my lack of identification skills!! For some reason she thought I knew everything. Glory be! (It makes me wonder what Dad's been saying though!).

Anyway, we have a few extra maybes on my list of visiting birds...but I discovered that it's not easy for even the serious birdies to identify them - well, not the serious birdies in my family!! My aunt suggested I join the bird watchers group - but that would mean less writing time, so I can't do that. I'll just muddle along in my own way :)

I did think about telling her of this column...but then I remembered Fridays...and kept my mouth shut! LOL.

So, moral to the story - I've inherited my uselessness at identification :)


  1. You've sandwiched these birds between two phallic Friday vibrator blogs... maybe you should have saved the bird-watching for a Wednesday wedged between two less, *ahem* phallic posts. ;)

    1. Heee heee heee. Good point! But none of my family read these, so I should be safe.

      Cate xo