Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wildlife Wednesday - Straw-necked Ibis

If you live in Sydney, you're probably well aware of these birds! The Straw-necked Ibis has become the new seagull or pigeon - they're everywhere!! When I grew up in Sydney, you rarely saw them, now they stalk you in every park!

They're nomadic birds, related to Spoonbills, who I think are magnificent birds (these ones not so much!).

They feed on invertebrates like grasshoppers and locusts, but also small frogs, reptiles and mammals. Plus I've seen them scavenge like seagulls and pigeons, even though the books say they do not!

One day driving back down the coast from Sydney, we were at the intersection of some busy road (I'm not good with names, but this water tower should give it away if you need to know!) and the Hume Highway. And an Ibis was up on this light pole, stretched out across the road. Another alighted next to it. Then proceeded to feed the first one! Yep, mother feeding bub, over busy intersection. Lucky there was a red light so I could grab my camera and take photos (and lucky Mr E is used to this and just winds down the window and patiently waits to drive on and get me away from whatever has caught my eye!).

I think you could find a better place to raise a chick! I'm not maternal, but really?!? :)

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