Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Story - Almost Real

Almost RealCharlotte Stein has a new book out and I'm a little addicted to her work. The new book is Almost Real and at the moment it's only available on Ellora's Cave website but soon will be available everywhere.

So, because of my addiction, I had to go grab it last night and then devour it. Because of a late night the previous night, I couldn't devour it in one sitting, but two. And OMG!

In typical Stein fashion, it's deep POV, subterranean. But it's in 3rd person... but a third person that could be first person. All from the heroine's POV. And she's insecure, unsure, in an arrange marriage just for work purposes for a year. He's a brick outhouse/tombstone who says little but gets under her guard.

And you're there, with Margot, with all her concerns about him and the situation and how she should deal with it.

There are joyful descriptions like, "For a while she found herself mesmerized by the play of muscles in his back as he moved from task to task. They shifted like tectonic plates beneath his clingy vest, so solid and far too big to miss." and "HIs face was so stuffed sull of warmth it was practically leaking out of his ears."

And then something shifts and she's not so needy or insecure. And it's riveting to watch this shift. It's incredible to see the tiny changes, the tiny glimmers of confidence.

And then when you think it's all a psychological book, SMACK! Stein hits you with adrenalin and I could not put the book down towards the end. It's gripping and gorgeous and so very very strong.

And then it's over...and you have to wait more months for the next Charlotte Stein offering. Lucky there are other books to read in between shots :)

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