Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Story - Winning the Boss's Heart

I read a gorgeous book through the week, that's written by another writing friend. I think you need a good sense of humour to read this book because it's quirky.

Winning The Boss's Heart by Hayson Manning

This is the story of Billie, who has dreams of going to cooking school, but needs money after nursing her dying ex-husband, and Mason, a grief-stricken man who's shut down everything but work.

Mason employs Billie and immediately calls her "forty-two" because he has no time for remembering names when his assistants don't stay long. Billie, not one to take this easily, begins calling him a range of odd male names which are never the same, and never his own.

This should be an incredibly sad story about two grief-stricken people coming to terms with their loss and trying to move on in life... and it is... except Billie's incredible way of looking at life, and her amazing sense of humour, just kept making me chortle.

I wish I'd marked all the bits that were incredible, but this one stuck in my mind. Billie is trying on fancy clothes for a night out (dress, underwear, bags, shoes, etc) and she's struggling because she's not one for fancy dressing plus she's not so happy with her body. She gets a fab dress, and her friend goes to get her shoes that match the colour of the fab dress and look amazing, except they're stilettos. She takes them, and then wonders how on earth you walk with Eiffel towers for heels. And that image made me laugh (actually, almost fell out of bed trying to be quiet)! I'm useless in anything higher than a thong, and so this Eiffel tower heel image was so right - huge, pointy, sometimes intensely decorated - and I've no idea how girls walk in them!

So... if you want a fun read, with a wonderful dog involved in teh romance, then this is a great one. Light-hearted with a deeper sentiment below the story, but thankfully, one I avoided needing the tissues!

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