Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Story - The Inevitability of Stars

Firstly - Happy Father's Day, especially to my Dad! If you aren't in Australia, today is Father's Day and I'm off to visit my Dad, armed with chocolate and books (for Dad, not me, but see where I get it from!).

The Inevitability Of StarsOkay, so to Sunday Story. This was in my RWAus Conference goodie bag as a freebie from Harlequin MIRA. But I'd heard something about it - or seen the cover, or something - and so I was pleased to find it in my goodies. And of course it jumped up the TBR pile, which has no order to it at all. I just grab whatever takes my fancy at the time I'm picking.

The writing in this book intrigued me - it's beautiful. But at the start, I wasn't into the story, or the people. It seemed weird, sad and I was wondering if I should keep going or not...

And then something happened and I loved the story, the writing, the characters and the book.

Rip and Sahara grow up in Byron Bay, inseparable. Then Sahara needs to 'find herself' and moves to Sydney, leaving Rip broken.

This is the story of how they each heal.

Sahara's journey is through the pits of hell - drugs and self loathing.

Rip's journey is more mystical.

The story has a lot of mystique, "hippie stuff" as some would say, but it also has some amazing life 'truths'. Like these:

"It's no one else's business what another soul chooses, and we don;t know the workings of each other's journey anyway."

"'Don't lose focus and don't get distracted...' [another character says] 'I say lose focus and wander off the path. ... deviating away from that leads to self-discovery.'"

"You ask, you get more asking. ... You must see what you want happening."

"Sometimes in life you can only tell the truth. And I am learning that life will always present you with that opportunity, no matter how far gone you think you are."

"Because that is life. Letting go of it all in each moment, in each day, dying to the past and being birthed into a new reality in each breath we take. Nothing is static. It is all fleeting and transient, like the beauty of falling snow that exists only for a moment before it melts."

I've been writing a story about Past Lives for a couple of years - dabbling a bit but never getting it 'right'. Lately so many things are pointing at me to make me finish that story. I think I have to do it. I just have to finish my diving one first, then fix up the mo-ro, then death, then past lives. Simple, huh!? Why do so many stories flitter in my head!?

Have you read this book? How are you with mystique or past lives or "hippie stuff"?


  1. I think I'm reasonable with hippie stuff (must be something about growing up in Margaret River)... I don't know why so many books flitter through your head tho... I think you (or I) have said that before on this blog!
    The Diver story isn't the one about the Cooper rugby dude tho? Or is it? I've lost count.
    I think if the stars are aligning and you're getting clues that the past lives story is the one to get on with now, listen to your universe baby!

    Lily M

    1. Yes, the diver story is Cooper the rugby dude. I can't wait to finish that one but it's kind of grown as it goes along...maybe because I like him even more than Jason and he's so f@*$ing hot!

      I know, my head is a space you don't want to visit for all the flitering stories. It's been stuck on these stories for a few years now, working between them trying to get them right.

      Thanks, Lily. Glad you're cool with hippie stuff. Mr E has been just looking at me weirdly and he's only seen the cover! LOL I won't leave this one out for him - he's much too "sensible" for hippie stuff.

      Love Cate xoxo