Monday, September 16, 2013

Looking for a brand

I keep hearing authors have to have a brand, some kind of marketing plan, a social media presence, etc etc.To me the list seems endless. And I like writing stories... I'm not so fussed on all the rest.

But I went to a talk at the RWAus conference by an agent who represents 'big name' authors. She said something that struck me, "You should plan your career, not just come across it by accident."

My whole life is an accident.

My plans go up in smoke.

But maybe I need to do some of these things. Or at least try!

So... a brand... what on earth is my brand?

I've been thinking pretty hard about this over the last month and it's scaring me. I have no idea and the ones I have are wrong, just wrong.

What do I like to chat about on here? I thought looking at it like this would help.

Wednesday is wildlife. Friday is sex. Sundays are stories. Animal sex stories. Ah, not a good brand!

I tried it with some alliteration - fauna, fucking, fables. Didn't make it any better!

Erotic romance with nature...? Ah, still not working!

Yep... branding myself is not one of my strong points!

When I set up my blog, I wrote "Erotic writing, wicked thoughts" and I might have to stick with that. Not that it's entirely descriptive but it's better than anything else I can come up with!!

Are you good at branding or marketing? Do you have any tips or hints for me? Or are you laughing too much? :)


  1. Nope, totally hopeless, Cate. Have been trying to think how to brand myself and failing miserably. But I actually think your tag line is pretty good (although not sure it is a brand?? - see, told you I was hopeless!).

    1. Must be the science brain thing, Anita Joy. I've no idea if that's a brand...I thought it was maybe a tag line. I kind of think you need to write books on a theme to know what your brand is...and aside from self discovery, I don't know what my theme is.

      Oh, maybe I do erotic self discovery...although that's a bit like my animals!

      Maybe we just write books!

      Cate xo

  2. Cate Ellink: I make science sexy!

    1. LOL thank you, Lily :)

      And thanks for tweeting.

      Cate xo