Monday, April 8, 2013

Pre-ordering books

I'm just going to slip into my "reader" hat here.

There's been a lot of talk lately about pre-ordering being good for author sales, etc. And I have this author friend who has a new release and I suddenly thought, "OMG, I haven't got her next book." So I ordered it right on release day.

Two days after ordering it, what happens!?!? I get an email from another online book company I use saying "Your pre-order is coming."

Same damn book!

I pre-ordered it months and months ago - but I forgot!

Now I have two of the same book going to appear in my letterbox on the same day - lucky I have friends with birthdays coming up! LOL

Pre-ordering - great for publishers, authors and those readers who have a memory or who are organised! Not good for my bank balance!


  1. Cate, I've done that! I'm so glad it isn't me. I do it with other things as well. My son had two yearbooks last year. I ordered one at the beginning of the year then in a panic at the end of the year. I swear it's my aging brain.

    1. Oh, thanks goodness our brains are ageing similarly! And if we don't order the same books twice each, maybe we can swap!

      Thanks for making me feel better!

      Cate xo