Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday

Okay, so Wildlife Wednesday went crazy last week and I'm too scared to change the planned ones in case they all appear at once (that's me blog scaredy cat!). So for a change, I'm going to do a bit on rainforests just because my June release, The Virginity Mission (VM), is set mostly in a rainforest.

VM is set in North Queensland and closer to launch day I'll have those photos. But today, let me show you where I went just recently - Barrington Tops National Park.

These 3 trees were huge and so close together. I couldn't resist a tree hug and this photo.
I love the layers of tiny things in rainforests.

And how greenery grows on everything.

Lucky I didn't stand still for too long :)

And tree ferns are just beautiful.

But waterfalls are my favourite.


  1. Now I have this mental voice saying: "Cate Ellink's a rolling stone, she gathers no moss."
    Stunning pictures!
    Lily M

    1. LOL! I'm more a log, plonked down and growing lots of moss :)

      Thanks Lily.

      Cate xo