Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wildlife Wednesday - Cockatoos

I thought I'd have heaps of time to do this post - not so! Sorry I'm late and disorganised (that could be the story of my life!).

I have cockatoos in my backyard and I like them, however, my husband shoots at them with water guns. Not just a water pistol but a great super soaker and a water cannon. He went shopping specifically to get them. He's paranoid that they're destructive and if we aren't here, they'll eat the house and destroy everything. So far, all they've done is toss things off the outside cupboard (like the dog brush, pegs) trying to get my attention.

I think they're gorgeous. I love the way their sulphur-crests rise up and dance on the top of their head when they're alarmed. I like their "arck" noise when they're trying to get my attention or scare off another bird or warn others of the super soaker.

Anyway, must go, the husband will have the super soaker at me soon - apparently I'm supposed to spend time with him, who knew! :)

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