Friday, May 31, 2019

Fearless Friday - workshops

I've taught a few writing workshops, which I really enjoy, and tomorrow I'm off to do another one, this time with Kim Petersen.

I've only dabbled a little in Self-Publishing, but Kim's had a bit more experience in that, so we've teamed up to run a workshop together.

I don't know how we'll go because this is the first time we've taught together, but we've done author talks together and they've worked out easily enough. So I'm hoping for the same in a workshop.

Kim and I have been working a bit together, and it's nice not doing everything on your own. But when I'm Catherine, we become Cath and Kim, and if you're aware of that TV show, we're not credible! LOL! So we're going to try to be Kim and Cate ... and if we're lucky people won't laugh as soon as we introduce ourselves!

So that's my fearlessness this week - tandem teaching!

How's your fearlessness faring?

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