Friday, March 8, 2019

Fearless Friday - all care, no responsibility

I'm amending my Wednesday post today - because it's Friday and I should be fearless, plus its International Women's Day which has made me think more deeply.

I was not responsible for my father or husband. They are both adults and are quite capable of deciding if they wanted to swim, and were capable of swimming, with dolphins. I may be good at swimming, but it was not my responsibility to look after them because neither asked me to, and both are capable of that. I may be female and wired to nurture and care, but it's not an obligation. I chose not to have children so I could fulfill what I wanted to do in life, that does not mean I need to have anyone act in the role of a child and demand my full attention and responsibility.

I am strong. I am fearless. I have boundaries. I look after every myself.

I am not responsible for any one else.

I can love, and l do, but that does not make those I love my responsibility.

We each have our own lives to live, our own journeys to make, and we're responsible for that; for ourselves.

I've been watching the males in my life, and they don't feel the responsibility for me that I feel for them. Somehow I got hard wired to think I have to look after others. I don't. I need to perish that thought.

I can care. I can love. It doesn't mean I am responsible for them.

Do you think I've said it enough to de-program my brain?

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