Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday - Eel-tailed catfish

There's a local rockpool I like to swim in, and sometimes snorkel, especially when I have kids with me as there's no chance of losing them in a rip to sea when I get distracted!

There's an outlet to sea at one end and in December, I saw movement there - a huge thing that darted back inside. It was a glimpse out the side of my eye and I was sure I was seeing things. But I waited, and this guy popped his head out. Lordy, he wasn't attractive! I reckon anyone in that pool woudl have been out had they known he was there.

I came home to find out what he was. Half eel, half catfish was what my mind said.

And I found an eel-tailed catfish! What do you know? My guess wasn't too far off at all.

I haven't seen him again - too many tourists - but now they've gone home, I might have to go for another snorkel, even without kids!

Have you ever seen such a critter?

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