Friday, April 15, 2016

Phallic Friday - Tonight She's Yours

I've been reading the cuckold fantasies in Tonight She's Yours and it's been a bit interesting because there's quite a similarity between them all - which I guess isn't all that surprising because there's only so many ways you can do some acts!

But there's one with two women, and the husband watching, but it took me a while to realise the Bull was female. So that was fun!

I've noticed that most are in first person and there's a varying degree of depth into the character's mind in these first person narratives. So that's been fascinating to discover.

Oh, yes, the fantasies, not the writing... I keep being distracted!

There's a few multiple partners while the husband watches.

The humiliation in most isn't too awful, so I can handle that. That's the thing that's always baffled me - humiliation for kicks - but I'm coping with these. And mostly they're mild - or else my level of tolerance has been expanded!

I think that might be it. I think the more I read in the erotic genre, the more I'm open to explore. That's exciting for me...but it also makes me dangerous...what do I touch on next? Where do my characters take me? Today I one-clicked because an author said the book was free and made some reference that I took to be spanking. Is the book about spanking? I've no idea...but when I finish these cuckold stories, I'll be checking it out.

I've enjoyed the mix of stories in here...but they have shown that I need to twist my stories more. Deliver more of the unexpected, and less of what the majority deliver.

Do you get inspired to change when you read anthologies?


  1. ninja anthologies inspire me! I'm glad you're enjoying your own anthology :)

    1. Ninjas always inspire :)

      We must Ninja again!

      Cate xox