Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wildlife Wednesday - Corellas

This is a pine tree right next to my house. For a few days a year, the corellas gorge on the seeds, picking them, eating them and then hurling the remains onto my garbage bins where it booms like a nuclear explosion (well, what I imagine one must sound like). So I move the bins and they hurl the remains further so they still hit the bin :)

I like corellas. We had them out west when I lived out there, so to me they're a bit of the bush on the coast. They are noisy but they also mind their own business - not like lorikeets which are noisy and in your face.

They have to drink on a daily basis and so I keep a couple of bird baths around so they can. There's a small concreted dip under our tap in the front lawn and it's the place the corellas favour for a drink. They come in a group of six or so and take turns having a drink and a wash. Someone squarks and the next one gets in. It's very funny to watch.


  1. I love corellas too, Cate. They always remind me of my trips to the outback. Seeing a huge white flock of them settle on the bare branches of a massive dead gum is quite amazing. And of course, the noise!

    1. I'm so glad it's not just me that associates them with the outback! That's always a magical sight. Thanks, Lou.

      Cate xo

  2. I have corellas in my story in the Outback too, that makes three of us with that association. Outback & Corellas definitely works for me!
    Lily M