Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Story

I started a few books this week that I closed after a few pages. All e-books. Once upon a time I never closed a book before I finished it. My Mum taught me when I was little that I had to read 100 pages before I could put a book down - and by then you're usually hooked. But since the advent of e-books, books seem a little more disposable... or are they?

If I think about my book browsing habits in a bookshop... I dispose of quite a lot of books there. I pick them up, look at cover, title, author's name, read the blurb at the back. If it doesn't grab me, I slide it back on the shelf.

E-books really are the same - but with more of a look. I just grab the sample. I have a read and if it doesn't grab me. I delete it.

I'm not really doing anything different to the bookshop browsing (except maybe reading more - but often I haven't read the blurb, I just click sample instead).

So, maybe I'm not discarding more books. Maybe e-books has just taught me a different way to choose what I read.

I think I'll start believing that. I don't like thinking that I'm not giving a book a chance.

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