Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things I Didn't Know

I've been around a while. I knew you had to get organised to be an author - hence my blog. Well... you need so much more. I'm going to try to keep tabs on it and blog here, so next time I invent myself, I'll know what to do (and maybe it'll help someone else).

Your books need your support on Amazon. This means you need an author page, you need to create that at author central - bio, photo, link your books, website, etc etc. It also means you need to tag your books (so they can be found in searches) and then you have to get your friends to check the tags (bump up the number of tagged correctly things) [can you tell I'm so good at this?] and then you should like other authors' pages, so they'll like you. More likes = more people find you. More tags = more people find you books.

But remember - as you're doing all this, don;t review your own books of write scathing reviews about anyone else (that;s been in the blogosphere lately!).

Then Facebook - an account in your pen name here is needed. And you have to do things with it (I'm doing an online course next month to assist with this).

Author photo - this should be easy, but it wasn't! Does the photo represent you? Are you looking too happy/silly/awful/sleepy/fat/skinny/whatever whatever?

Author bio - this has to "sell" you and give people a snippet about you to make them interested in you.

When you do blog tours, you have to have a bit about yourself to paste there, plus something interesting to blog about (and as you can tell from here, I struggle for interesting). Not to mention logging onto their system and working out how on earth it works, scheduling your blog and hoping like heck you've done it right.

Okay, I think that's it right now. I'll update as I go along. Seriously, it's all time consuming and a little overwhelming! I should have got published in my 20s when I was on top of the internet - not now when I've fallen behind.

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