Wednesday, September 19, 2012

real edits

I had my first lot of real edits, from a real editor...and you know what? They weren't as scary as I expected! Actually, they weren't a lot different to getting my critique partner's comments back on my writing! And that is a huge THANK YOU to RWA for having a Critique Partner Scheme that gets you prepared, and to my wonderful critique partners - especially those who've been there from the start when we corrected each other's spelling! We've come a long way.

But speaking of coming a long way - my story had been through at least 8 or 10 hands before the editor saw it. So that's how wonderful the editor is - she picks up things that have been left by everyone else.

Major things:
  • repetition (I know, I thought I'd nailed this LOL! Imagine if she saw it the first time)
  • tightening sentences
  • adding the meat juices to the sandwich (as one writing friend said), which is adding layers of detail I thought would have been insignificant.

Nothing too major but those layers of detail made me think - a lot. My girl started on the page... but I really did have to think back and work out what her life was before she appeared on my page. And I thought that stuff was just baloney to fill in paperwork for the plotters/planners ;)

So another huge learning curve but one I loved.

I've sent back my changes and fixes - wonder what happens next! So much learning.

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