Thursday, January 21, 2010

When the past catches you up...

Have you ever got a point in your life when the past has caught you up? I'm there now. It's a bit freaky but good for the soul (or so I've heard).

This week, not one, but 4 people from my past have popped back up - larger than life. In the past 6 months, add another 3. That's a lot of people crossing paths with mine again. Is it Fate? Karma? Life?

It stirs up old memories... and what do you do with them? I turn them into stories!! My memories can be strong. At times I can see their face, smell them, taste them (well, those I got that close to!)... but their past self (ten, twenty years ago self).

Why does it happen? Why do you not think about them or that event for years, and then suddenly, it's in the front of your mind, as if it happened yesterday?
Does writing make you live in your memory so much that it haunts you? Or am I just weird?

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